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Peak Series Amino, 30 Servings

Peak Series Amino, 30 Servings







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Product Description

Muscletech Peak Series Amino 101: will be an amino acid supplement to help you power through your workouts while allowing your body to be prepared to repair muscles faster post-workout. 

  • 13g dose of free-form, essential BCAAs and glutamine

  • coconut water and watermelon juice powder plus electrolytes


MuscleTech® Peak Series Amino is designed for everyone, from active men and women and fitness enthusiasts to high-performance athletes, powerlifters, crossfitters, bodybuilders and endurance athletes. Peak Series Amino will help to power you through your workout while increasing protein synthesis, for faster recovery and faster gains in muscle and strength.

MuscleTech® Peak Series Amino has a clinical dose of PEAK ATP®, shown to improve strength and musclebuilding, as well as 13g of free-form, essential amino acids, BCAAs and glutamine to aid recovery.

The researched 1g dose of taurine is shown to boost performance in endurance athletes. This formula is engineered to get you through even the toughest workout. Our formula has 13g total of aminos, which is more than any of our competitors. It also includes 8g of BCAAs with 3g of other EAAs in a full disclosed formula, plus a massive 400mg of PEAK ATP®, in each scoop – this is a no compromise, no brainer amino.


MuscleTech® Peak Series supplements are engineered to maximize your results and optimize your life. Peak Series Amino is the highest quality, max-dosed EAA+ formulation for a product that is beyond all reproach. Designed by world-class researchers with ingredients hand picked for a specific reason and dosed at full disclosed, clinically studied amounts. It’s a superior formula with no compromise. That is our promise to you.


Mix 1 Serving (1 Scoop) With 12 Oz Of Water And Consume Pre-And Intra-Workout. Read The Entire Label Before Use And Follow Directions Provided. If You Want To Add To Your Overall Daily BCAA Intake Without The Additional Calories From Drinking Multiple Protein Shakes, You Can Also Add 1 Scoop To A Jug Of Water And Drink It Over Time.