Active Ventures Unlimited Turbo Shaker

Active Ventures Unlimited Turbo Shaker







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Product Description

Whether you are making a nutritional shake, drinking iced coffee, mixing  scrambled eggs, relaxing with a margarita or making a powdered drink for your kids, you will see that compared to the Turbo Shaker bottle, everything else is just a cup!

Manufactured in Australia, the 25 ounce Turbo Shaker bottle utilizes high quality BPA-free, medical grade plastic and patented “fin technology.” No other blender bottle or cup even comes close!

The Turbo Shaker bottle’s patented fins are located on the bottom of the shaker and on its lid. These molded “fins” allow you to mix contents thoroughly and evenly, producing a consistency similar to an electric blender. The tight-seal lid keeps your mix fresh.

Utilizing a space age polymer coating on the inside of the cup, even clean up is easier than any other shaker bottle. Simply rinse and put in your dishwasher or hand wash.

There are no cumbersome moving parts, balls or accessories that must be disassembled, soaked and cleaned like in a conventional blender. The Turbo Shaker bottle is dishwasher safe.

Use the Turbo Shaker bottle over and over again. You’ll never find a more durable, long-lasting mixer bottle.


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