4" Padded Leather Belt

4" Padded Leather Belt


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Weightlifting belts are used to provide critical support during heavy lifting. Designed to increase intra-abdominal pressure, weightlifting belts stabilize your entire midsection and reduce stress on lower back while lifting in upright position. For lifts that challenge core strength like the squat and dead lift, the belt helps support abdominals and obliques.In overhead lifts, weightlifting belts help prevent back hyperextension by forming a rigid wall around the lower torso, connecting the rib cage to the hip. This not only limits back movement, but it also prevents sideward bending and twisting.Harbinger's 4" Padded Leather Belt supports your back and abdomen, while helping to prevent abdominal herniations. The contoured hip and rib design maximizes midsection fit for strong tensioning around the waist. Exclusive interior foam cushioning and suede lining enhance your comfort, and help maintain muscle warmth. Heavy duty dual-pronged steel roller buckle secures custom fit.
  • 4" wide contoured natural leather supports back and abdomen
  • Interior foam cushioning and suede lining for enhanced comfort
  • Heavy duty dual-pronged steel roller buckle secures tensioning
  • Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large